Ya en las calles las 2 nuevas entregas vinílicas de la serie Jerk Boom Bam! donde el sello Crypt nos lleva por el camino polvoriento y oscuro que separa el R&B del Soul. Cada tema es una bofetada de ritmo y negritud.

VOL. 5


John Fred – Lenne

Lester Young – Down To The River

Eddie King & Mae B, May – Are You Pushed To Love

Louisiana Red – Who Dat?

The Jolly Jax – ‘Preciate It’

Big Jack Reynolds – Made It Up In Your Mind

Professor Hamilton & The School Boys – Back To School

Bobby Pierce – My Night Out


The Thunderbirds – Thunderbird Twist

Kenny Hambers & David Robertson’s Combo – Do The Hully Gully, Johnny Copeland – Wake Up, Little Susie

Joel Scott Hill & The Invaders – Look Out

Miss La-Vell – Teenage Love

Frank Scott – She Said

The Merrill Brothers – My Baby Twist

Jimmie Vaughn – Come On Home

VOL. 6


Lil’ Ray & The Premiers – Shake! Shout!

Pete Cooke & The Baby Dolls – Take It And Git

Terry Westlake – Baby Be My Chauffeur

Ervin Rucker – She’s Alright

Helen Troy – I Think I Love You

Oscar Boyd – When Things Get A Little Bit Better

Pete & Repeat – But I Still So

Johnny Cool & The Counts – The Love Bounce


Pete Hartfield – Mighty Man Parts 1 & 2

The Skip Robinson Trio – I Feel Alright

The Williams Sisters – He’s Got Everything You Need

Carl Henry Hall – Let Me Down Slowly

Teddy Mack & The Mackinteers – Hey Hey Gypsy Woman

Leo Price – Hey Now Baby

James McCleese – Tell Me Why

Podéis comprarlos en la web de No Hit Records haciendo clic aquí (para el volumen 5) y aquí (para el volumen 6).

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