Mod Appealing

Not everything has a whole culture attached to it, at least not that I can think of off the top of my head. Some religions tell you what to wear. But not all of them do, or at least people don’t follow that as much anymore. Mostly people dress up for services, then come home and change into what they regularly wear even if it isn’t modest or appropriate for their faith. They provide music, too, but it isn’t really something you can find on the radio on your way home or even would want to listen to outside of services. Nobody really cares about all that. Some ethnic backgrounds have their own traditional clothing or music style as well. But they are still free to travel how they want and things like that. Maybe they identify with everything and maybe they pick and choose.

Mod culture is different. It offers a complete lifestyle for those who adopt it. Mod culture provides a style of dress that identifies you to the rest of the world. You make a visual statement wherever you go dressed as a mod person and you are easily recognized as such. The music has been able to stand the test of time, from rock and cool jazz to ska. There is much to listen to and you will find something that you like. Mod culture even has an answer for your transportation needs: customizable motor scooters. They are cheaper than cars, more fun, easily customizable, and just look cooler.

Many may wonder why you would associate with something that provides such a militaristic control over your life. To that, I say if that’s what you think then you are doing it incorrectly. Mod culture is the spirit of youth and rebellion. In other words, these are not hard and fast rules – nobody is going to kick you out of mod culture if you’re driving a Honda or like to listen to rap music. But chances are if you are gravitating toward the mod world in the first place, you already like these things. It is more of a place to find likeminded people and show off your good taste than it is about conforming to a specific set of standards.

What I find appealing about the mod world is the people. There are mod people all over the world who are interested in meeting others and are quite friendly. The rest of the world picks up pieces of mod culture and continues to display its appeal. Mod fashion often shows up on runways and fashion magazines, drawing more people into the fold. Mod bands play on mainstream radio and opens up a larger fan base. It is a very appealing way to dress and live. That is why it has been around for so long. I can see why my brother loved it so much (now he is a boring married person and has given up his slim fit pants for dad jeans and ghastly cargo shorts) and shared it with me. I have fully embraced the life and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.