Mod Travel Mode: Scooter

I have never been big on cars. They have always felt too…traditional and confining to me, I guess. When I was younger, I would ask my parents if we could walk if the destination was close enough. They even occasionally humored me and agreed, except if my mom was planning to hit up some shops or something. I am proud to say that I have never owned a car in my life, either. They are expensive and annoying to take care of and park.

My best advice for scooters though is not to get the cheapest thing you can find. You are a bit vulnerable on a scooter as they don’t go as fast as cars or even most motorcycles. There also is not a lot between you and the pavement. So you need something reliable and built to last. You can get a really fantastic top-of-the-line scooter for less than you would pay for a crappy, bare bones car. Sometimes they are even cheaper than used cars. There are good ones out there for very reasonable prices. It just depends on what you are looking for.

My lifestyle does not require owning a car. I’ve got laundry usage in my building so there is no need to lug clothes anywhere. I only have to feed myself  and I am not great at cooking so I never need more than a bag or two of groceries at a time. Also near me is a decent mass transit system for rainy days – it is not far to the bus station and it is a short ride to work, with a stop pretty close to my job and everything. But mostly if weather permits, I ride my motor scooter.

I would love to own a Vespa. They are the perfect mod scooter and they are top quality machines. I know a lot of people who go in for the vintage models but I know my limits – I am not a handy guy, nor do I want to spend weeks rebuilding engines and replacing brakes. Instead, I would get a retro looking model, specifically the GTV 300.

My budget does not really allow that at the moment so I have ‘settled’ for a used 2014 Kymco People, which is a nice ride and was a good buy. It started out white, but I’ve had it painted blue and grey. I’ve also had the mirrors changed out to something a little cooler and with more chrome. I know people who do a lot more customizing on their bikes, but like I said, I am not great with tools. Besides, I would rather put that money aside every payday for a brand new Vespa instead of spiffing up the Kymco. My plan is to buy the Vespa outright, as I don’t believe in paying interest for almost anything.

Do you ride a scooter? What kind?