Mod Fashion: Look the Part

Mod fashion came about in 1950s England and rapidly gained traction. The war was over and kids could be kids again, and started going back to school. No longer did they have to chip in to support their families or fight in battles and worry about dying. And what did the kids want with their new (old) freedom? To celebrate the fact that they survived. To rebel. And cool clothes.

By the time the 60s rolled around, there were loads of students running around London with money in their pockets to burn. The fashion industry saw dollar signs, and kids saw bright clothing, geometric patterns and bright accessories. They were hooked. Ready-to-wear designers tried to keep up and perpetuate the trend.

So if you are a guy, what sort of clothes should you look for? Pointy toe shoes made of leather. Chelsea or desert boots. Mohair suits with narrow lapels and thin ties. Streamlined is the key. Pop-art designs. Eyeliner is ok. Checked shirts with a classic style and fitted shape. Slim fit navy chinos or jeans, tapered and cuffed. A bomber jacket paired with round, wire-rimmed glasses. Think Beatles and you’ll be close to where you want to be. Mod culture essentially brought fashion into the mainstream for men and let them actually care about clothes.

Girls, mascara and liner are your friends. Dark doe eyes, long lashes, and cats’ eyes. Mod clothes for girls are in the details: Peter Pan collars, pussy bows, graphic prints, geometric designs, and bright colors. Shift dresses and miniskirts are must haves. Go-go boots and block-heeled slingbacks complete the look. Haircuts are very short and sleek. Feminine and androgynous at the same time. Look up Twiggy and you will have your ultimate goal. She is a mod icon.

The main idea was to break out of the necessary blandness and utilitarian clothing from the War and into something that was fun, new, and rebellious. Bright clothes and short skirts, men wearing slim fitting pants and rolling up their pants to show off footwear. The name of the game is calling attention to yourself and your cool lifestyle. Mixing formal items and casual items – dressing clothes up and down is also a concept popularized by mod style. Graphic prints are visually interesting and fun to wear, and anything with the Royal Air Force roundel will always win approval.

No matter what, Mod remains in fashion. The clothes are just too good. Everyone looks good in clean lines. Girls will always look lovely in shift dresses and tall boots. Suits with pointed collar shirts will never not be a good look for guys.