Just Because it’s New Doesn’t Make it Better

Welcome to The Mod World, my culture blog. My older brother was into the sixties mod lifestyle and got me hooked at a young age. I loved the hip counterculture vibe. I am amazed that it has survived long after other trends and fads have faded, died, been resurrected, and died again. Mod remains intact and still has its followers. Since it has been around for decades, it has a long history of fun fashion, music, and even transportation – think VW bus, painted inside and out. If you celebrate the mod lifestyle yourself or are just interested to see what it is all about, stay in touch for a revelation.

Don’t you just love pop culture? It offers everything from crazy hairdos and boho clothing to sci fi fantasies. Mod is in a category by itself however. Nothing has ever been so widespread and joyous. Thank you, Brits. It hid America hard. Just look at my closet. No, I don’t wear an afro, shoulder-length hair, a tie dye shirt or bell bottoms every day, but I own a lot of “looks” from that special era. I have been known to throw a party or two demanding appropriate attire. It helps that I have quite a collection of cool tunes from the British invasion and American R&B. I remember Carnaby Street, the Mod Squad dominance on TV, and all the trappings of home décor like throw pillows in crazy colors and patterns.

Speaking of parties, one was a near disaster when the water heater broke, spreading pools of water down the hallway, creeping slowing but surely into the rec room, almost soaking the dancing feet of the guests. We had to relocate the patio. The emergency plumber came several hours later, only to relay the bad news that I had to replace it. There goes the party budget I thought. No new LPs for me for months. Now I had to decide what to do. It would be easy to go for a tankless model from Tankless Center. It costs more, but is superbly efficient, and takes up practically no space. No tank, no leaks. But, surprisingly, I opted for a used, but still functioning electric unit. Maybe I will go tankless later. I need to economize right now. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean its better. This applies equally well to pop culture as well as a water heater.